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AEIC SOLUTIONS (AEICs) is established in Singapore and provides one-stop Technical & Engineering Solutions & Services on Automation, Electrical, Integration and Construction in the fields of Process Industries and Commercial Buildings, and specializes in Energy Conservation & Saving, Power quality measurement & improvement (Energy storage, Emergency power supply, Power factor correction, UPS & Dynamic UPS), Electrical Design & Engineering, and Plant & Building Automation and Renewable Energy and EV (Electrical Vehicle) Power & Services to the region.

AEICs Provides One-stop Quality Solutions to You, especially on Professional Engineering Works for Electrical Installations and Buildings; Energy Management & Energy Saving through EV Power & Services, PowerSaver, Air-con saver, T5 adaptor, LED lighting, Solar lighting and solar power system, fuel cell, VRB-ESS, power factor corrector, voltage stabilizer and other  technologies through Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

Our Key Businesses:

  LEW Services for Electrical Installations:
     >>> Electrical Licensing & Switching for Electrical Installations;
             >>>Electrical License Application for Electrical and / or Supply Installations
             >>>Electrical Installation Operations - Advice on maintenance, Operational
                    switching, Installation inspection, Electrical work supervision, etc.
     >>> Electrical Consulting, Design & Works for New Installations, Modifications,
             Retrofitting & Upgrading;
             >>>Professional Engineering Works               
             >>>Electrical System Design and Review
             >>>Power Engineering Evaluation with coordination review
             >>>Electrical Fault Analysis and Simulation
             >>>and more
     >>> Electrical Safety & Training;
     >>> Electrical Emergency Recovery and Troubleshooting at 24/7 basis with
             hotline contact;
             >>>Electrical troubleshooting and temporary recovery
             >>>Further measures will be taken according to site troubleshooting and inspection
     >>> Electricity Measurement and Solutions
             >>>Power Quality (Power Factor & Harmonics, etc.) Measurement & Solutions for
             >>>Infrared Thermal Graphical Inspection for Electrical Installations, Motors,
                   Chillers, etc. by Certified Infrared Thermographer (CIRT);
             >>>Partial Discharge Measurement for HT Switchgears, Transformers and Cables;
     >>> High Density Energy Storage Solutions for Grid, Solar PV & EV Power, etc;
     >>> Other Expertise Services.

#LEW - Licensed Electrical Worker, Regulated by EMA

  SCEM Services for ESCO & Energy Efficiency (E):
     >>> ECA Annual Reporting, E Improvement Plan, Saving Solutions & Training;
     >>> Energy Audits, Measurement & Verification, and Project Management;
     >>> E improvement, Energy Saving and Energy Retrofitting Projects;
     >>> Renewable Energy Design & Engineering - Fuel Cell, Solar, Wind, etc;
     >>> Financial Advisor for Energy Efficiency Measures and Contracting;
     >>> Consultation and Procurement Services;
     >>> Facilities and Energy Management;
     >>> Energy Engineering Works

#SCEM - Singapore Certified Energy Manager, Regulated by NEA

  WEM Services for Water Efficiency (WE):
     >>> PUB Annual Reporting, Water Balance Plan & Water Saving Solutions;
     >>> Water Audit, WE improvement and Water Saving Projects;
     >>> Water Monitoring & Management System

#WEM - Singapore Certified Water Efficiency Manager, Regulated by PUB

  EV Power & Services for Electric Vehicle:
EV Power System Power Control, Energy Storage, EV Motor, etc;
EV Battery Pack Chargers Sales, Installation, Testing and Maintenance;
EV Battery and Alternative Power Battery Sales, Inspection & Test, Maintenance &
Other EV Power Services

#EV - Electric Vehicle

  Engineering & Project Management


AEIC is a member of Singapore Fuel Cell Community.

AEIC's KQP is registered professional engineer by PEB for PE.

AEIC's KQP is certified by IES & NEA for SCEM.

AEIC's KQP is certified by PUB & SP for WEM.

AEIC's KQP is licensed by EMA for LEW.

AEIC's KQP is certified by IRT for CIRT.

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